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Sexarbetares utsatta situation

Veckans sorgligaste nyhet i Sverige kan mycket väl vara att den svenska sexarbetaren Eva Marree Smith Kullander (känd som Petite Jasmine) mördats. [expressen] [motpol] [huffingtonpost]

Dådet inträffade den 12:e juli och den 19:e juli hölls demonstrationer utanför Svenska och Turikiska ambassader som protest emot våldet mot sexarbetare.

Många lägger skulden för det hemska dådet på den misslyckade svenska lagstiftningen och politiken. Huffintonpost skriver:

“Despite being the poster nation for sexual equality, Sweden’s laws on sex work and attitudes towards it are woefully patriarchal. The purchase of sex is illegal and the prevailing view is that sex work is a form of self-harm and women who choose to work in the sex industry are victims without agency or reason. The call by sex workers for “rights not rescue” has consistently been ignored by authorities that would prefer to remove women from the sex industry, offering them no economic alternative, than address the issues for those working within it.

The resulting stigma pervades Swedish culture to the point that decisions such as that regarding the custody of Petite Jasmine’s children are based upon it. Had Petite Jasmine left the sex industry to appease the social services, she might be safe with her children now. However, she chose to stay and her children are in foster care while their father awaits trial for her murder.” (mer…)

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