“When a politician says that we are in the same boat be on your watch, it means that it will be you doing the rowing.” – Wilhelm Moberg

A short introduction to Liberala partiet.


Nowadays everyone wants to be a liberal

Let us provocatively claim that there today is no liberal party in Sweden’s parliament (Riksdag).

No, you did not read incorrectly. There is no party that fully stands for the classical liberalvalues; the right to life, liberty and property. There do exist, however, several parties that call themselves liberal but that in reality are social liberals. Social liberals claim to show respect for the individual but pass laws that take away our individual liberties through compromises or due to the misguided belief that we need protection from ourselves.

The result of
 non-liberal politics are seen today. Among other things, Sweden is suffering from a static job market, a quickly rising unemployment among youths, an intrusive surveillance and laws for further surveillance and an overbureaucratization system financed through one of the world’s highest burden of taxation.

From big state to big people

Liberala partiet challenges the established parties with politics deeply rooted in a traditional liberal view of the world. We strive for a society where individuals are allowed to keep the power over their own lives, where each individual’s possibility to form and realize themselves and create their own happiness is maximized and where nobody is forced to take the consequences of someone else’s actions.

We see the individual as the natural foundation for society och believe all politics should emanate from this assumption. For this to be possible, Liberala partiet advocates a minimal government that only uses its coercive power to protect us from violence, theft, fraud and other infringements of the individual’s freedom.

In a country where we can feel safe and secure, where we can trust that we can get help if we are victims of a crime, we will also be able to create voluntary collaborations between individuals and give the possibility of each individual developing according to their own conditions.

Liberala partiet wants to liberate Sweden from its current political addiction and into a new, classical liberal direction.

Our politics in short

Free trade

All customs, tariffs, subsidization and quotas should be abolished. People should not be controlled in what they buy or sell.

Open borders
Vi see immigration as an opportunity to enrich Sweden, both economically and culturally. National borders should not hinder people from realizing their life projects.

Free job markets
Individuals on the job market should be free to establish their working conditions and not be hindered by the States interventionist legislation. We want to get rid of obstacles of the free market. First of all, LAS and MBL should be abolished.

Free economy
You have a right to keep the money you have worked to earn, they are yours! That is why we want the State to be financed by a flat income tax that is lucid to the taxpayer.

Independent schools
Parents and students should on their own be able to steer the objective of education. There is no reason to expect that a politician is well suited to run schools or develop a good teaching practice. A transformation of all schools to free schools (friskola) is a good start.

Independent media
For democracy to work we need independent media that can critically scrutinize the politics of the country. This is why liscenssystemet should be abolished and SVT and SR be sold out. Press support (presstödet) should be abolished. Free competition should predominate and all financing should be voluntary.

Free private life
The State should not act as a guardian to its citizens. It is not the States business what a citizen is doing as long as they are not doing harm to anyone.

Liberated social-welfare system
The State is not suitable to run businesses. This applies to healthcare as well as to food or clothing industries. We want to liberate the social-welfare system from the States monopoly and let the free market take care of the welfare.

Stronger and more effective police
The police should focus on protecting the countries inhabitants from violence, theft, fraud and other infringements on the individuals freedom.

Stronger and more effective legal system
The Swedish legal system is both ineffective and politicized. Today politicians sit in courtrooms and judge citizens. We want to bring a reform of the legal framework and legislation, including the abolishment of moralizing laws. We want to create a judicial system in which the citizens can trust, a system of peers, not politicians.

Stronger military defence
The primary purpose of the Swedish military defence should be to defend the country against outer attack. We are very sceptical toward today’s defence policy whose main aim seems to be foreign operations. We want the military defence to concentrate on protecting the Swedish citizen on Swedish soil.

Your vote makes a difference

Your vote is important to us. Each vote for us expands our possibility to challenge today’s politics. Through your support we can introduce classical liberal values in society and influence politicians and other parties to take a more liberal direction.